By Miles Raymer
Updated January 23, 2015 at 07:02 PM EST

PC Music makes garishly vibrant electronic pop music, but the collective itself is shrouded in shadows. Among the many mysteries surrounding it: how many members it has, whether or not all of them are actually people, whether or not you can accurately call it a label, and what (if any) ulterior motives it might have. It seems safe to say that a person named A. G. Cook plays a key role in the group, and may possibly have started the whole thing.

Cook and PC Music have been steadily rising through the dance music underground, and their hyperpop aesthetic—which jams together J-pop, happy hardcore, R&B, and several hard drives’ worth of electronic sound effects—seems ripe to burst into the mainstream. They’ve taken a step in that direction with a new official remix of Charli XCX’s Rita Ora-featuring single “Doing It,” which Cook has turned into something that sounds like a PlayStation-era video game rave colliding happening in a terminally glitchy laptop emulator.