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Credit: Joe Pugliese/TBS

Conan O’Brien poked fun at the New England Patriots on Thursday nightfollowing what football fans are calling “Deflategate.”— and in the middle of the managed, he managed to throw in a serious jab at Bill Cosby.

The controversy surrounding the Patriots stems from a suggestion that the game balls used against the Indianapolis Colts during the AFC championship game weren’t filled to required capacity, according to CBS News. While the NFL has launched an investigation, Twitter made lite of the situation by trending a hashtag “#DeflateGate” earlier in the week.

O’Brien brought up Deflategate on his show, joking this wasn’t the first time the team cheated and giving examples like an “illegal use of a helicopter” and making opposing teams “pay tolls.” Oh, and having Bill Cosby man the other team’s Gatorade table.

See how the audience reacted to the bit below. There might have been mixed feelings.


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