Simpsons 01
Credit: Fox

Simpsons fans, you’re about to “Get Lucky”: Pharrell will pop up in Springfield very soon.

EW has learned that the “Happy” rapper/producer/songwriter/fashion designerVoice coach will make a cameo appearance as himself in the Feb. 8 episode of the animated Fox comedy. Titled “Walking Big & Tall,” the installment opens with a plot that’s based on the true story about a Milwaukee TV station in the 1980s hiring a composer to write a city-pride song, and he ended up shopping the same song to other cities. In this case, Springfield learns that its official ditty is actually a carbon copy of many other cities’, and not only does Lisa try to come to the rescue, “Pharrell offers to write a new anthem for the town,” says Simpsons executive producer Al Jean.

Click on the Simpsonized Pharrell—which contains no blurred lines—for a full-sized preview.

Pharrell Williams joins a list of season 26 guest-stars that includes Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, the cast of Futurama, Sammy Hagar, and Will Forte.