In a recent interview with GQ, Iggy Azalea discusses her upcoming stadium tour, dealing with criticism, and her abiding love of chicken teriyaki—and as Time‘s Nolan Feeney points out, the most revealing quote comes during Azalea’s discussion of her future.

Some critics have pointed out that Azalea’s hugely successful 2014 might have to do with the lack of albums from bigger stars like Beyonce or Justin Timberlake. But Azalea isn’t worried: ““At the very worst, if I have a short-lived career, at least I could say I sparked a change—that I inspired some leniency in what people accept in hip-hop,” she says.

Feeney writes, “Azalea’s comments might be easy to dismiss at first. But even the Roots’ drummer Questlove told Time as much last summer when discussing her success and worldwide influence.”