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The Humbling

Al Pacino and Barry Levinson, The Humbling’s star and director, sat down with Entertainment Weekly editor Matt Bean on EW Radio to discuss, among other things, the comparison between Pacino and the aging actor he portrays.

In The Humbling, he plays actor Simon Axler, who’s “losing his facility” and has “very little memory of his life.” Turns out, there’s a large portion of Pacino’s life that he doesn’t remember either.

“Somebody even asked me about a couple of movies I had done in the 70s and asked me to talk about the 70s and I remember saying, ‘I don’t remember the 70s. I cannot recollect them,'” he said. “I have these moments I remember. Some of the movies I was in only because there were posters with my name on them. But this guy these are some of the things that are happening to him.”

Pacino also admits some of his fans are better at remembering lines from his past movies as well.

“They come up with lines that are obscure. ‘Can I go now?’ Can I go now? Where is that from? And it’s in a movie I made. And it’s wonderful.”

Listen below to hear more from Pacino and Levinson’s interviews, including Pacino talking about two of his acting inspirations, Marlon Brando and Paul Muney.

The Sirius XM Town Hall with Al Pacino and Barry Levinson will premiere on Friday, Jan. 23 at 1 p.m. on EW Radio channel 105.

The Humbling
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