How many people does Salma Hayek kill in the new action film Everly? A lot.

Actually, let’s rephrase that: A lot.

Directed by filmmaker and Movie Crypt podcaster Joe Lynch, Everly finds Hayek playing a prostitute who must kill a small army of assassins sent to murder her at an apartment by a yakuza crime boss. The fact that all this slaying occurs at Christmas is just one of several nods to the movie’s main inspiration: Die Hard. “Die Hard is one of my favorite movies—I remember it being my Christmas movie every year,” Lynch told EW last year. “Die Hard was such an archetype for this movie: It’s Die Hard-in-a-room!

Everly is released on VOD Jan. 23 and debuts in cinemas Feb. 27. You can get a taste of the mayhem involved in the film by watching the new trailer for Everly, above.