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2014 was a big year for the Original family: They added a new member, four of them came back from the dead, Rebekah found a new life (and then was put in a new body), and we found out they have an evil aunt who’s likely still alive. Also, potentially another undead sibling? But with all of that behind them, what will 2015 bring?

We talked with executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci, along with Finn himself, Yusuf Gatewood, about tonight’s return and where the rest of season 2 is headed.

Finn and Mikael team up … but who’s in charge? “Mikael doesn’t have a reason to hate Finn,” Narducci said, noting that Finn always hated being a vampire. But how will they work together? “Mikael says, ‘Together my son, we’re going to take down these vampires,’ and Finn says, ‘I will align with you and I know exactly how we’re going to do it.’ And what [Finn] does next defines him as a threat and a danger,” Narducci said.

But will he be a threat to Mikael? Gatewood chimed in: “This is put up or shut up time. Klaus said to [Finn] at one point: ‘You’re a man now.’ And I don’t think Finn’s been given the opportunity to act as a man. Will Finn ever step up and really be a man and make his own decisions? This might prove an opportunity for that.”

Klaus will discover Kol’s betrayal. Although Narducci teased that a new threat will emerge to “distract Klaus from trying to find Rebekah,” Plec did add that Klaus at least discovers “what” happened to Rebekah, though not necessarily the “where.” As for Kol, Plec said “it means punishment and it’s enacted in a typical Klaus way.” In Narducci’s words, that means “brutal [and] swift.”

Esther makes a decision, and Finn gets angry. “We make it very clear the choice that Esther made and Finn’s feelings about it,” Plec said. “There’s a lot of things that close that chapter and then really launch the next chapter, which is the Angry Finn chapter as we like to call it.” But for Gatewood, Angry Finn can be traced back to his family: “I think the cool thing about the Mikaelsons is that as you meet them, you see the similarities. I think that there’s a ruthlessness that all of these Mikaelsons share.”

And it’s a ruthlessness that will be put to the test. When asked if Finn is capable of actually killing any of his siblings, Gatewood said, “There are situations coming up in the next couple of episodes that will test that greatly.”

Cami is meeting Baby Hope … and becoming Elijah’s therapist? “Klaus introduces Cami to Hope and it’s kind of a beautiful moment,” Plec said. With Hayley and Klaus needing to return to New Orleans, and Elijah in need of psychological counseling, Klaus decides to bring Cami to the safe house to stay with Elijah. “He brings Cami into the circle of trust, and it’s pretty lovely,” Plec added. “And then Cami becomes kid of like the [Sopranos‘ Jennifer] Melfi to Elijah as he’s trying to work through the scars of his secrets that he’s uncovered as a result of his mother messing in his head.”

The good news for Elijah? We’ve seen the worst of Esther’s witchy effects. Now, it’s more a battle of what he wants to admit to Klaus. “Knowing that his brother is not one for forgiveness, Elijah isn’t quite sure if he should come clean and how he should come clean, so that’s one of the things he has to work through with Cami,” Plec said.

Rebekah gets her butt kicked. Stuck in a witch prison, Rebekah will be less focused on practicing magic than on learning how to be a mortal again. “She taps into her witchy roots as much as she can inside this place which basically really frowns upon you practicing any magic at all, but it’s more about her getting used to her human body,” Plec said. “There’s a great moment where she goes to take a bite out of one of the guards and then is like, ‘Ew, nasty!’ The blood is disgusting.” And with a mortal body, come sprained wrists, limps, and all kinds of bruises. “She’s kind of like John McClane in Die Hard,” Narducci added. “For the first time in her life, she’s getting her butt physically kicked, and what I love about her is she still gets up and keeps fighting. That’s the Rebekah I know: Never gives up, always a pain in the ass, fighting no matter what.”

Baby Hope is in danger, but she’s also potentially dangerous. Klaus is no stranger to enemies, and with people trying to find his weakness, Hope is always in grave danger. But how worried should fans be? “There’s something special [about Hope],” Plec said, with Narducci adding, “She is a little bit vampire, a little bit werewolf, a little bit witch, so what is she capable of and how will that be explored on our show is stuff that we want to play with and you will see some advancement in that plot in these first batch of episodes.” So what if Hope ended up being evil? She’d be “unstoppable,” according to Narducci. “[But] that’s why good parenting is very important,” Plec said.

There’s more Mikael drama on the way. Although Gatewood revealed we won’t be seeing many Finn-Mikael childhood flashbacks, he did hint at there being more to that relationship than we currently know. “I think the cool thing that’s going to be revealed about Mikael and his relationship with his children from the past is going to be from the tensions between the characters that we’re exploring now, the situations we’re exploring currently,” he said. “You’re going to learn something but you’re not going to learn it through flashbacks.”

Hayley and Marcel will grow closer. With Finn determined to prove that wolves and vampires cannot work together, Haley and Marcel will be drawn closer together, which “makes Jackson see the vampire-werewolf relationship in a whole new light,” Plec said.

Finn will take control of the witches, forcing Davina to make a choice. Even though poor Davina has “definitely got her eye on [Kol],” according to Plec, she’s going to have to turn her attention back to the witches soon. Narducci teased, “Once Finn is controlling all the witches and all the witches are kind of being abused and hijacked by Finn and his purposes, she’s going to have to decide: Do I want to become again a part of this community and lead them out of the trouble that they’re in?”

The Originals returns tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

—With reporting by Natalie Abrams

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