Credit: Animal Planet

The NFL will spend this Sunday sorting out which two teams will compete in between TV’s biggest commercials on Feb. 1. Meanwhile, over at Animal Planet, Puppy Bowl XI has already has set its Super Bowl gridiron match-up of Team Ruff versus Team Fluff. And while the Super Bowl will trot out Katy Perry as its big-time halftime entertainer, Puppy Bowl will try to scratch and claw its way into the counterprogramming game with a feline performer who goes by the stage name of… Katty Furry. (Her real name is BamBam and she’s from SNAPS Cat Rescue in New Jersey.)

Will she perform “I Hissed (at) a Girl”? Does she have an ex named Russell Terrier Brand? So many questions with terrible puns in them. While we think of more, watch this exclusive clip of Katty in action. Or, rather, inaction.

Puppy Bowl XI airs Feb. 1 from 3 to 5 p.m. ET (and will be followed by not one, not three, but five repeats of the broadcast).