By Jonathon Dornbush
Updated January 16, 2015 at 10:04 PM EST
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Minecraft is about to look a lot more yellow, but don’t have a cow about it, man.

Microsoft announced this week that a The Simpsons skins pack will be available for purchase as downloadable content for Minecraft players on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The pack will cost $1.99 and include 24 characters from the animated series—the entire Simpsons clan as well as 19 other characters from the halls of Springfield Elementary School.

Minecraft players have already shown their penchant for creating anything and everything in the user-driven creation game, including re-creations of Homer and his family. Those types of Springfield homages, however, largely come from the game’s PC community, who can modify the game, while this pack will only be available for Xbox players.

This content isn’t the first time pop-culture stalwarts have appeared in the game—previous skins packs have included The Avengers, for example—but this new pack will allow Xbox players to build their most accurate recreations of Springfield with the town’s actual residents.

The pack will hit Xbox Live in late February.


  • Video Games