By Jennifer Maas
Updated January 16, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
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Like every year, there were a number of actors noticeably absent from this year’s Oscars nominees—and like every year, people are asking them about it.

On the red carpet for Thursday night’s Critics’ Choice Awards, Jennifer Aniston admitted to Access Hollywood that she was at first a little disappointed by her snub for Best Actress in Cake.

“But look at tonight, look at the Globes, look at SAG. I mean we’re an embarrassment of wonderful riches for a movie that hasn’t even been released and is teensy tiny,” she said. “I mean, this is all just kind of cherries on top of something that was really special to us. So we’re really excited.”

Aniston also shared that Best Actress nominees Reese Witherspoon and Julianne Moore sent her “sweet emails” following the announcements and that she supports them.

Earlier in the day, A Most Violent Year actress Jessica Chastain took to Twitter to comment on her lack of any nominations this year.

Phil Lord, director of The Lego Movie, had also used Twitter to respond to the movie’s Best Animated Feature snub. But Lord spoke further with the The Hollywood Reporter at the Critics’ Choice Awards about the matter.

“We made it in order to inspire families and kids and people and we’ve been really justly rewarded I think for that,” Lord said. “We feel really lucky,and the awards stuff is its own thing, and of course we’re disappointed, but it’s not the reason we made the movie.”

Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn, who admitted “I thought I’d get one” when asked by THR about her absence from the Best Adapted Screenplay category, spoke to EW regarding the nomination of Rosamund Pike for Best Actress, and the absence of other nominations.

“I was so thrilled for Rosamund. Of course I was rooting for [director David] Fincher, and Gone Girl in general. But for her to get it, it was so well deserved. She did so much work behind the scenes to make that role seem absolutely effortless, believable. I have so much admiration for her,” Flynn said.

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