By James Hibberd
Updated January 16, 2015 at 08:23 PM EST

He’s back: Gary Sinise is returning to the world of CBS crime dramas.

The former CSI: NY star will lead the cast of the network’s upcoming Criminal Minds spinoff. The new show “focuses on a division of the FBI that helps American citizens who find themselves in trouble abroad.” According to Deadline, Sinise will play the team’s boss, Jack Garrett, “a twenty-year veteran of the Bureau, who is currently in charge of the FBI’s top team for handling cases involving Americans abroad.”

The pilot will be shot next month and will air as an embedded Minds episode later this season. The episode will be written by Minds showrunner Erica Messer.

This marks CBS’ second attempt to spinoff Minds and it might bolster the project’s odds of success by tapping an actor who was on the network for nine seasons on CSI: NY.

“Well, the first lesson is do it better,” CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler told critics earlier this week when asked about trying another Minds spinoff. “One of the things I will say is Erica Messer, who is doing this incarnation of the spin-off, Erica has been a part of Criminal Minds since day one, from when the show first launched. She has been key in the show continuing to blossom and grow and evolve in these past couple of years … So I think having Erica behind it, she’s an extraordinary writer, one of the best showrunners in our business. So I think that is one of the key differences from the previous spin-off to what we’re doing now.”