By Dalton Ross
January 16, 2015 at 02:00 PM EST

Geraldo Rivera has proven to be a spectacular addition to The Celebrity Apprentice franchise. Just ask him—he’ll tell you! In all seriousness, however—and yes, I am asking you to take Geraldo Rivera seriously for a second—the man has added more non-stop entertainment value than anyone since Aubrey O’Day strutted her stuff into Donald Trump’s Boardroom. Whether he has been feuding with Kevin Jonas, bending Johnny Damon over, or taking half-naked selfies, Geraldo is providing the television treasure that Al Capone’s vault never did. And he’s not done.

In this exclusive clip from next week’s episode, Geraldo goes so far as to compare himself to a volcano. Wait, let me explain. Actually, let him explain. “My mind is like a volcano,” says Geraldo from behind his signature rose-tinted glasses. “It’s constantly spewing. I’m amazed by my own endless creativity. I don’t mean that to be egotistical.” Of course not!

Enjoy this brief tease of Geraldomania by clicking on the video player below. Then tune in Monday at 8pm on NBC to see how often the volcano erupts. And for more Celebrity Apprentice news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.