By Miles Raymer
January 15, 2015 at 06:13 PM EST

Portland quartet Summer Cannibals formed in 2012, released their first album No Makeup the following year, and are just about to drop their follow-up. Show Us Your Mind shows off how much the band has evolved in the short time it’s been together, with songs that refine the fuzzy garage-pop of its debut into something sharper, tighter, and much more difficult to shake off. The lead single “Something New” is a bit of razor-edged bubblegum that balances taut verses with outbursts of wildly fuzzed-out guitar that along with a singsongy vocal performance by frontwoman Jessica Boudreaux brings to mind the delinquent pop stylings of the Runaways in their prime.

Show Us Your Mind is out March 3 on New Moss Records and available for pre-order here.