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-As if Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s upcoming Mycroft Holmes novel weren’t enough for you, now another celebrity is tackling another famous literary figure. British actor Idris Elba, known for starring in The Wire and Luther and maybe being the next James Bond, is developing the 1978 fantasy thriller Poe Must Die as a movie trilogy through his Green Door Production Co. Mark Olden’s original book features a drunk Edgar Allan Poe fighting demonic forces and teaming with a bare-knuckle fighter named Pierce James Figg to find something called the Throne of Solomon. Yeah, it sounds pretty awesome. The source material for this movie trilogy is only one 300-page book, but hey, Peter Jackson never let that stop him. It’s currently unknown whether Elba (who, again, may or may not be James Bond at some point) will appear in the movies himself. [LA Times]

-David Mitchell’s innovative storytelling, on display in bestsellers like Cloud Atlas and last year’s The Bone Clocks, reached its apex last year with “The Right Sort,” his story composed entirely of 280 consecutive tweets. Mitchell announced today that itwill be developed into a novella called Slade House, out this October. According to Mitchell’s publisher, Carol Welch, Slade House is “a taut, spine-chilling, intricately woven, reality-warping tale that begins in 1979 and comes to its electrifying conclusion on Oct. 31, 2015.” Characters from other Mitchell stories like The Bone Clocks may show up as well, Welch hinted. [The Guardian]

-Mark Zuckerberg’s book club picks might soon carry as much weight as Oprah’s. More than 13,000 copies of Moises Naim’s The End of Power have been sold since the Facebook CEO selected it as the first read of his new book club. At least 10,000 of those were e-book copies, Perseus Book Group announced, and digital orders came from as far away as Latin America and New Zealand. [Publishers Weekly]