Credit: Sony Pictures

When Seth Rogen and James Franco’s controversy-generating comedy The Interview is released on DVD and Blu-Ray, it will include a special (and aptly titled) “Freedom Edition.”

After Sony was targeted by anonymous hackers and received 9/11-level threats late last year, the studio initially called off The Interview’s Christmas release. The hacks were popularly attributed to North Korea, although some smart people were doubtful. Eventually, protests against perceived censorship won out. The Interview was released in a few select theaters and made available for streaming on YouTube. Freedom (or maybe just goofy bro comedy) had prevailed.

Standard DVDs come with a Rogen/Franco edition of the Discovery Channel series Naked and Afraid, plus commentary by Rogen and his eternal writing partner Evan Goldberg (they’ve previously live-tweeted the movie as well). The souped-up “Freedom Edition” will also contain a gag reel, deleted scenes, Randall Park’s audition tape and more commentary from the cast and crew about the creation of the film. They’ll be available Feb. 17.