In a story first reported by Variety, Lionsgate has licensed a 200-film library for’s “Movies on Demand.” The humor site, owned by Defy Media, will stream the films for free through’s Web, iOS, Android, and Roku platforms, with Xbox soon to follow.

Winter’s Bone, Requiem for a Dream, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights are just a few of the titles being featured on the site. The company has had a minority share in since 2007, and there are 15,000 films in the Lionsgate vault.

“Break has built an enormous, engaged viewing audience by creating and curating world-class video content,” said Lionsgate President of Worldwide Television & Digital Distribution Jim Packer. “We’re pleased to supply them with a broad range of titles to enable them to continue expanding their offering into longer-form, professionally produced content. Our long-term partnership with Break is one of the many strategies we’ve created to deliver content to our next generation online audiences.”

As people find new ways to watch films through their televisions, phones, tablets, and other devices, Defy Media CEO Matt Diamond says the expectations for the launch were pretty high.

“People are watching on all different platforms now,” Diamond told EW. “This just expands what they can consume.”

According to Diamond, there will be more movies released to the site, with a number of deals currently pending while the library currently provides 80 films to stream. A new category will be added every week with 8-10 new films selected by the Break editorial team.

Not unlike other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, divides up the film collection into eight categories including “Never Ending Sequels” and “420 Flicks.”