January 12, 2015 at 08:40 PM EST

Don’t expect to see Nick Offerman and wife Megan Mullally embarking on an On the Run-style arena tour anytime soon: “The notion of us sitting around singing a song together,” Offerman says, “would be like Beyoncé singing a song with a three-year-old goat.” (He’s the goat in this situation.)

Even if Offerman can’t sing, he’s Beyoncé-like in other areas of his life—like on NBC’s Parks and Recreationwhere he stars as lovable grump Ron Swanson.

When he took EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test though, Offerman was more giggly than grumpy: He revealed what ’50s sex scene he watched over and over in his youth, and followed that admission with a Goofy-like chuckle.

Parks and Recreation returns to NBC for its final season Tuesday at 8 p.m, and Offerman’s comedy special, Nick Offerman: American Ham, is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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