Stephen Colbert will make his CBS debut this fall.

CBS announced Monday that the Late Show with Stephen Colbert will premiere Tuesday, Sept. 8. “I have nine months to make a show, just like a baby,” Colbert said. “So first, I should find out how you make a baby.”

As for what format the new Late Show will take, CBS boss Nina Tassler said at the Television Critics Association’s winter TV previews that Colbert’s team has only just begun to work things out. “They’ve actually just moved into their offices,” she said. “They’ve just started working. He will have music on the show. He said, ‘I have to be entertaining as my guests,’ so he’s going to have guests on the show. Whether or not he’s going to start with a monologue, he’s working on that right now. Clearly he knows that he’s introducing himself, the real Stephen Colbert to his audience. He’s really putting a lot of attention on making sure that the show is still topical and still relevant.”

After 22 years, David Letterman will broadcast his final show from the historic Ed Sullivan Theater on Wednesday, May 20. Tassler noted that the network plans to air encores of its original programming throughout the summer in the 11:35 p.m. time slot, and may be interested in some Letterman specials leading up to his retirement.

Colbert’s star-studded send-off to The Colbert Report aired Dec. 18 on Comedy Central.

As for incoming Late Late Show host James Corden: Tassler called the comedian a combination of Jack Black and Fred Astaire.

“James came into the room, and to say we were mesmerized by him was an understatement,” she said. “What he demonstrated in that room when Leslie [Moonves] and I met with him, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He’s so vibrant, he’s so entertaining. He’s a fearless actor. He’s pretty magic. It doesn’t matter who he talks to, they just fall under his spell. He’s enchanting.” Corden will debut as host on Monday, March 9.


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