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January 12, 2015 at 04:41 PM EST

For those watching last night’s Golden Globes at home, at times there were more questions than answers: Who is Michael Keaton’s son? What was the deal with Margaret Cho’s North Korean caricature? Just how hot, exactly, was it in that room? Luckily, not all Hollywood inside jokes have to remain mysteries.

Here are six answers to things you may have been wondering throughout the show, from what exactly Kevin Spacey said when he got bleeped out to the reason everybody looked so damn sweaty.

It wasn’t just you: Everyone was shvitzing

No, you were not alone in noticing some serious perspiration in the Beverly Hilton Ballroom. Though EW has not confirmed the exact cause, the AP reports that “although the air conditioning was going full blast during Sunday’s Golden Globes, some stars said it was stuffy in the Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom, leading to worries of shiny on-camera faces.” According to the AP, there was a “small army of makeup artists” on hand to make stars appear as flawless as possible. Still, some were visibly bothered by the heat. Frances McDormand, a meme hero of the evening, fanned herself.

Can someone pls set up a full time #FrancesMcDormand cam??

— eugene hernandez (@eug) January 12, 2015

Clive Owen, meanwhile, wore a particularly notable sheen when introducing The Theory of Everything.

sweaty Clive Owen regrets that velour jacket right about now

— dave farris (@onetakedizzle) January 12, 2015

George Clooney reused his wedding tux

Clooney: dapper, well-spoken, and fashionably pragmatic. Backstage, Clooney revealed that he didn’t get a new tux for the event. “It is not fair to women at the award show, but it’s nice: I am wearing my wedding tux,” he said. According to Clooney, he was watching football while his wife Amal was choosing her outfit. (She went for a Dior gown with white gloves.)

Michael Keaton’s hot son has written sexy songs for Jason Derulo

During Keaton’s acceptance speech he called out his son, Sean Douglas, whom he called his “best friend.” Naturally, that led many to Google Douglas—and learn that he is, well, attractive. (A sampling of headlines: “Michael Keaton’s Son Sean Is Everyone’s Golden Globes 2015 Crush,” “Michael Keaton’s son, Sean Douglas, is dead sexy.”) It also revealed that Douglas is an accomplished songwriter, who has credits on Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” and “Wiggle.”

Margaret Cho reprised her 30 Rock gig

Though Margaret Cho’s recurring appearance as a North Korean member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association may have seemed random to some, to 30 Rock fans it was a reunion of sorts between Cho and host Tina Fey. Cho played Kim Jong-il in a recurring 30 Rock bit.

Who was telling Dominic West his ass wasn’t beautiful? 

During Ruth Wilson’s acceptance speech for Best Actress, TV Drama, she made an awkward shout out to her co-star, Dominic West. “And Dom, your ass is something of great beauty,” she said. “Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, Jeff Reiner.” Reiner is one of the show’s executive producers and directors—and apparently a disbeliever in Dominic West’s ass.

What exactly did Kevin Spacey say when he cursed? 

When Kevin Spacey cursed during his win the cameras caught a scandalized looking Uzo Aduba. So what did he actually say? Well, it wasn’t that scandalous. He just couldn’t “f–king believe” he won.

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