Golden Globes Jk Simmons 05
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Golden Globes have wrapped, but we still have plenty to divulge from backstage at Sunday’s ceremony. Winners including J.K. Simmons, Billy Bob Thornton, and Patricia Arquette fielded burning questions from journalists in the press room. Read on to see what they said:

J.K. Simmons (winner — Best Supporting Actor, Motion Picture) addressed his approach to working on his craft (it’s very unlike that of his character in Whiplash, Fletcher).

“What works best with me is definitely a much kinder, gentler approach. I don’t respond well to being screamed at or physically abused and fortunately have had very few occasions where I have had to deal with anyone close to that. You know, honestly, the best advice I would give to a young artist, musician or actor or whatever, is just to keep doing it and to work hard at developing a strong foundation, whether it’s working your scales when you’re a musician or getting to class if you’re an actor, working on stage. Work hard on the fundamentals.”

Billy Bob Thornton (winner — Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for Fargo) on making the decision to board the television series adaptation of the classic Coen brothers film:

“As soon as I read the pilot script, I completely understood why they were doing it. It was so well written and I heard the people that were assembling after myself, they were getting together, and I thought what a great group of people. There wasn’t really any red flag whatsoever. My only concern is are the Coen brothers on board with this, and when I found out they were, that was the last piece of the puzzle for me. It is a joy to be a part of something artistic.”

Gina Rodriguez (winner — Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy, or Musical for Jane the Virgin) discussed the diversification of the modern television landscape.

“I am definitely part of a testament it is changing, it is something I get to experience every day. I think that networks are seeing when you step outside the door, it is a very diverse world. Some just tan better than others. We come from all different cultures and religions, but one thing that is true is that the human story is what brings us all together. We all love and are afraid of failure, want to succeed, want to make their dreams come true. We all know these feelings and it is nice to see that displayed. I think it does something to a generation. I think it will do something to the next generation when they see themselves in that light. It has been awesome to see communities come out and give me their support. It is really empowering to see young girls feel like they see themselves on the screen, and if I can keep working at making sure that that happens, then God willing I can do it until the day I die.”

Patricia Arquette (winner — Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood) on not being ready to let go of Boyhood, even after its 12-year run:

“The last year I was so sad we were finishing that I said to Richard, you know, I’m the mom, and the mom doesn’t agree that it’s 12 years. It’s actually a 20-year movie. Then, I tried to push it even further like you can finish this movie when I’m an old dead woman. That’s when you can finish making this movie. He said No, baby, we are making a movie. We have all tried to get him to continue, but this is what we got.”

Alejandro González Iñárritu (winner, along with Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Armando Bo — Best Screenplay for Birdman) joked of his dramatic roots.

“I feel very happy and proud to have shared this experience with my friends. If you know the work of all these guys and my work before, you would have never thought this is a good idea, to make a comedy. We are not funny guys. We laugh a lot about trying new things, but if you had seen the face of these guys when I said interior dressing room, middle-age man floating with underwear, you would be like what? There we went. We laughed several times and we enjoyed it.”

Jill Soloway (winner, among others — Best TV Series, Musical, or Comedy for Transparent) discussed her personal connection to the show.

“My own parent came out as a transgender three years ago. It was a lot and a huge announcement. My first thought was I love you and I am proud of you and thank you for being you and telling me who you are and being so brave. And my second thought, a couple moments later, was I think I have a TV show. I could just feel it from that moment. I have been writing television for about 15 years and wondering when I was going to hold one of these. From the moment I began to understand who my parent really was and what I didn’t know about our family growing up, this show just made itself. I know so much more about the transgender community now than ever. For Amazon to have believed in us when I didn’t even know when we did it that we would be considered on a playing field like this because Amazon hadn’t submitted any shows yet. The content of the show is transformative and the way this is really going to affect the trans community is transformative.”