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We’re definitely going to feel the presence of the Panther in this movie. Andy Serkis’s appearance in the last trailer reminded everybody of Ulysses Klaw, one of Black Panther’s primary foes. And another shot of him in this new footage only reinforces that.

Note what’s hanging around his neck: A claw pendant.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be setting foot into the kingdom of Wakanda, although we may or may not see Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, Black Panther’s true identity and the ruler of that country.

Still … could this woman in the cave be one of his people?  Maybe Shuri, Black Panther’s badass sister? Or perhaps a member of Black Panther’s personal bodyguard corps, the Dora Milaje? (The resemblance there is very strong.)

Or is this a trap set by Ultron, who has perfected his ability to simulate life in the form of Jacosta — the “female” mechanism he created in the comics as his bride?

That’s a lot of question marks, but if Marvel didn’t want us to speculate they wouldn’t have included that mysterious glimpse of her.

But then, there’s this …


Here’s where you can begin playing that tinkly piano music from Serial that always makes an appearance when the facts stop matching up.

Who is the lady in the lower right corner, looking on as Thor gets tazed? She appears to be very light skinned and has long hair (so it’s not the same woman, and definitely not T’Challa’s sister) but she is wearing a very similar let’s-trigger-puberty-in-some-young-guys-like-Princess-Leia’s-gold-bikini-did-in-the-’80s type of outfit.

However, this is not some Vibranium mine. It’s a temple of some sort, complete with etchings on the wall and plenty of candles. This is a place of religious significance, and since Doctor Strange is going to open up the whole mystical realm of the Marvel Universe, as Guardians of the Galaxy did for its cosmic side, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and company may be getting a jump on that by allowing the Avengers sequel to veer off into magic and spirituality.

Those are powers, for sure — but not punching powers.

Could these be the Eternals, a genetic experiment that created a race of powerful beings meant to protect Earth from their home base on the Saturn moon of Titan? (These were a precursor to The Inhumans, which is another race of alien/human hybrids bound for the big screen in 2018.)

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