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January 12, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST

‘Everyone creates the thing they dread …’ With this, the new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron presents a self-fulfilling (and self-replicating) prophecy. It’s not some outside invasion that could eradicate us; it’s our overwhelming desire for protection that will bring about destruction.

As Ultron himself intones (by way of the sinister voice of James Spader): “I’m going to tear you apart … from the inside.”

Okay, this thing just hit, so let’s start tearing it apart, too. There are lots of interesting pieces to puzzle over…

First, a quick refresher: In this sequel to 2012’s The Avengers, the good guys are feeling the effects of superhero burnout. As part of a plan to relieve the humans (and thunder god) of some of their protective burden, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark has activated the artificial intelligence Ultron as a kind of automated global police force.

Ultron quickly comes to the conclusion that Earth would be a lot better off without Earthlings. Although he inhabits a physical form (starting with the creepy, staggering zombie-bot below), he resurrects and keeps building himself increasingly powerful shells.

And why should he only take one form? Even your cell phone can multi-task. The Avengers (and everyone on the planet) are in the targets of a genocidal intellect that can be everywhere and anywhere.

Punching power will not be enough to take him down. But it does seem to be enough for the Avengers to take each other down.

So what’s new in this second trailer for the May 1 movie? It may be easier to start with what’s not new — or rather, what’s not here at all.


We still don’t have eyes on The Vision, the synthezoid who will be played by Paul Bettany, previously the voice of Iron Man’s digital butler, J.A.R.V.I.S. Ultron has liberated thie fellow artificial intelligence from human servitude and used it as spare parts in his own twisted desire to be a father, i.e. reproduce something other than himself.

But … we don’t get to see the Vision. Not yet. Sorry, folks.

Now let’s explore what we do see, but don’t necessarily understand.


Who is she? The trailer doesn’t offer any explanation, just a glimpse of this woman disrobing beside a pool inside a cave that, to me, looks to be something that was carved out of rock rather than something that was worn smooth by eons of flowing water.

The woman is dark-skinned, and we haven’t seen her before. (It’s hard from that distance to even tell who the actress is.)

And this cave — or mine — could it be a place from which Vibranium is extracted?

We know for certain that a Black Panther movie is coming in 2017, and if Ultron is smart (spoiler: he is) he’d figure out a way to construct a version of himself from Vibranium, the ultra-tough metal that makes up Captain America’s shield — and is found mostly in the fictional, highly advanced African nation of Wakanda. In other words…

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