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It goes without saying that Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is far from a damsel in distress. Though Captain America (Chris Evans) made quite an impact on her, she is not defined by the men in her life. With that being said, however, a scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier reveals that Cap saved over 1,000 men during a rescue mission, one of which was the man that would go on to be Peggy’s husband.

Who is this mystery man? Marvel’s Agent Carter will provide a bit of a guessing game in that regard. “There’s fun in trying to figure out: Who is the guy she married?” executive producer Michele Fazekas tells EW.

“We know from Winter Soldier that by the time that she’s in a nursing home, Peggy’s had a family, she’s been married, she’s had kids, and we don’t know if we’ve met that person yet,” Atwell adds. “But it could very well be one of the people that she works with.”

The most likely candidate is Agent Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), who was wounded in the war—maybe before Cap’s rescue mission perhaps? Due to his injury, Sousa is also ostracized at the SSR, which is where he finds a common bond with Peggy. “If I am [her future husband], then they haven’t told me about it for sure,” Gjokaj says. “I’ll put myself in the running. I’ll throw my hat in the ring if they’ll let me.”

“Sousa does some very bold things in the first few episodes, gentlemanly sticking up for her, which he gets rapped from the rest of the guys who think that he’s a pushover,” Atwell says. “The fact that he’s got a crutch as well means that there’s no end to the jokes that they can make at his expense. Because of that, it’s the character that makes the man, and despite his obstacles, both physical ones and emotional ones, he comes out as the strongest man and the one that I think she has a connection with.”

However, Fazekas notes, “She has chemistry with Sousa, but it’s not the only person she has chemistry with.” In fact, Sousa may be the too obvious choice. Money may be better bet on Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray). His abundant arrogance and swagger seem to be hiding a deep pain from the war—again, an incident that led to being saved by Cap, maybe?

“There are plenty of people that I’ve met who started butting heads and it was only because they actually had this unbelievable thing for each other that they were fighting and then eventually just fell head over heels in love, became best friends and it all ended happy,” Murray says. “But you can’t force that.”

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