January 11, 2015 at 07:25 PM EST

Last week, three men murdered a dozen people working in France’s Charlie Hebdo offices because of that publication’s irreverent cartoons about Islam. An Al-Qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility, and News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch used this, as well as the other related attacks that took place in France this week, as an opportunity to voice his feelings on Muslims.

The media mogul tweeted that those who practice Islam “must be held responsible” until “they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer.” Many have responded to Murdoch’s words with criticism, saying it’s unfair to blame an entire population for a few people’s actions.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is one of those critics: On Sunday, the writer tweeted, “I was born Christian. If that makes Rupert Murdoch my responsibility, I’ll auto-excommunicate.”

She went on to, with seeming sarcasm, taking the blame for the Spanish Inquisition, “all Christian fundamentalist violence,” and even disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker. See their tweets below:

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