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Updated January 10, 2015 at 08:54 PM EST
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Orphan Black will have several new foes in the third season, but the scariest of the bunch may just be one of the male clones, Rudy (Ari Millen), otherwise known as Scarface.

At the close of season 2, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) was introduced to the mohawk-sporting clone born from Project Castor, who appeared to be unhinged. The third season will pick up with the duo actually coming face-to-face, where we’ll discover that Rudy is definitely crazy. “He likes to get under people’s skin,” Millen told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter TV previews. “He will just pick at you until you blow up and he’s won.”

“It’s pretty clear there’s a military angle to Castor,” executive producer John Fawcett said. “Rudy is a threat to the sisters. Rudy is a dangerous character who is very, very smart and very ruthless. The guy has seen some action. He’s a trained fighter, likely by the military.”

However, it’s the military that may soon become enemy No. 1. “A big thrust of Sarah’s mission this year—when she realizes what has happened—is she is not going to let up until she can get Helena back,” Fawcett said. “A big part of Sarah’s mission this year is to gather her sisters.”

But Project Castor is far from the only threats the Clone Club will be facing in season 3. It turns out, James Frain’s new character, Ferdinand—a well-educated “cleaner” for a secretive political faction—hails from that other mysterious organization. “He plays a really amazing, scary guy that’s come in from Topside,” Fawcett said. “He’s a very dangerous threat to our girls.”

Speaking of new characters, Justin Chatwin’s savvy drug-dealer Jason Kellerman is actually someone from Alison’s past. “He kind of is an old high school flame of Alison’s, gets in the way a little bit and causes some issue between Donnie and Alison,” Fawcett said.

As for the other clones, Fawcett teases that Felix’s (Jordan Gavaris) relationship with Alison will deepen as Felix begins to think for himself and ask his own questions, though he will grow closer to some of the other clones. “Cosima is spending quite a bit of time in Felix’s loft,” Fawcett said.

And though it appears that a new female clone made her debut in the season 3 trailer shown to critics, Fawcett debunked that rumor. “If you watch it again, I think you may be able to figure it out on your own,” he tells EW. “That clone says, ‘Holy doo doo.’ How many of our girls says ‘Holy doo doo’?” Voting for Alison in disguise!

Orphan Black returns Saturday, April 18.

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