By Joshua Rivera
January 09, 2015 at 10:35 PM EST

Video game culture is vast and multifaceted—people from all walks of life now play and make video games, resulting in a medium that’s more diverse and interesting than ever before. Like music, “video games” are too broad a subject to be defined by a single aesthetic or lifestyle, which makes delving into gaming subcultures rewarding. This has been of great interest to filmmakers as of late, leading to a sort of boom in video game documentaries—and starting right now, you can see a bunch of them for free.

Streaming video site has partnered with video game publisher and film production studio Devolver Digital to host a series of documentaries focusing on different aspects of gaming culture. Dubbed Twitch Movie Night, a new movie will be streamed every Friday from now until Feb. 20, complete with live chats and commentary from the filmmakers. Here’s the lineup, starting today at 5:15 p.m. EST:

  • January 9: Stream Dream and Winter Releases Trailer
  • January 16: Pixel Poetry – A games-as-art documentary
  • January 23: (no broadcast)
  • January 30: Angry Video Game Nerd – The movie adaptation of the popular comic web series
  • February 6:  Gaming in Color – LGBTQ gamer documentary
  • February 13: Super Game Jam: The Movie – Game development becomes entertainment
  • February 20: To be announced
  • Granted, it’s a bit too late to catch that first one, but these have all been previously released and available for purchase. Here are a few trailers for the most interesting ones of the bunch.

    Pixel Poetry

    Gaming in Color

    Super Game Jam: The Movie