Just because Russell Brand hasn’t recently starred in a big comedy like Get Him to the Greek 2: Getting Greeker doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. Director Ondi Timoner has documented a new phase of Brand’s career, and audiences will have a chance to see those changes in a new documentary.

The 2015 South by Southwest Film Festival will open with the world premiere of Ondi Timoner’s documentary Brand: A Second Coming, tracing the work of Russell Brand as he deals with the modern news cycle, comedy, and his place in today’s landscape of pop culture and current events.

Brand has transitioned much of his previous stand-up and acting work into social activist-minded comedy. Last year, he launched a YouTube series called The Trews, in which Brand comments on current events and the media’s coverage of them. He’s also currently working on a documentary about the financial crisis with director Michael Winterbottom.

Brand: A Second Coming will premiere on March 13.

SXSW also announced six other films having their world premiere at the festival. A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story, Ex Machina, Son of Congo, The Invitation, Mavis!, and Hello, My Name Is Doris will all debut during this year’s SXSW, which runs from March 13 to March 21.