Neil Blomkamp’s newest robotic creation, Chappie, may look, sound, and act polite and sweet. But according to Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman’s characters in Chappie, he could be the end of mankind.

The new trailer for Blomkamp’s third film shows off a bit more of the stakes surrounding Deon (Dev Patel’s) thinking and feeling robot. Deon sees Chappie as the next step in evolution, but Jackman and Weaver’s characters make it their mission to stop what they see as a menace. And that includes calling in the literal big guns.

While the film’s first trailer focused more on the robotic-coming-of-age portion of the film, the new look gives a better idea of the film’s scope while combining Blomkamp’s signature knack for meshing cool—and dangerous—robots with rundown urban environments.

There are some hints at the relationships between Patel, Jackman, and Weaver’s characters, but Blomkamp is still keeping quite a bit of the film’s plot, and who exactly these people are, under wraps. Hopefully one of those plot points is that Deon and his crew give Chappie a pop-culture diet that includes something more than just He-Man.

Chappie, with Sharlto Copley as the robot himself, arrives in theaters on March 6.