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Updated January 09, 2015 at 08:00 PM EST
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Lena Dunham may be headed to Iowa in the premiere of Girls this Sunday, but on one Sunday this year you’ll find her over in Springfield. EW has learned that the HBO star has recorded a guest role for the animated Fox comedy.

In an episode that’s slated to air this fall as the season 27 premiere, titled “Every Man’s Dream,” Homer’s marriage to Marge is once again on the rocks, but “we wanted to do something that wasn’t like the other ones,” says Simpsons executive producer Al Jean. “We wanted to take a serious look at what it would really be like to be Mrs. Homer Simpson.” In addition, Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy (which explains why he’s always sleeping on the job). While filling a prescription to treat his condition, he crosses paths with a twentysomething pharmacist named Candace (Dunham), who turns out to be a romantic interest. (You can sneak an exclusive peek at her Simpsonized form above.) “When things are badly with Marge, he befriends Candace,” says Jean. “I don’t want to say what happens but I’ll say with a Stewart [Burns] script, it’s always unexpected, and this one is definitely not what you would expect…. For those who are sick of marriage crisis episodes, it goes in a completely different direction than any before.”

The character of Candace was tailor-made for the candid Girls creator-producer-writer-actress. “She’s not playing herself or Hannah from Girls,” notes Jean.But it’s that funny, intellectual, slightly awkward, endearing tone that everybody’s familiar with, so we were just writing it with her voice in our heads.”

For those wondering if Candace sheds any of her animated clothes in this episode, Jean simply teases: “She has tattoos—and we see some of them.”

Dunham’s fellow executive producer on Girls, Judd Apatow, is also contributing to the show: He wrote this Sunday’s episode—albeit back in the ’90s.

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