By Esther Zuckerman
Updated January 08, 2015 at 11:29 PM EST

Tina Fey has long not shied away from discussing sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, and she won’t at the Golden Globes either. When asked by Access Hollywood about Cosby jokes at the Globes she, animatedly, said: “Oh heck yes.”

Since the allegations against Cosby have grown in both number and prominence in recent months, publications have pointed out that Fey has been tackling the subject for years. Crushable highlighted a 2009 30 Rock bit that seems to reference the allegations, and over at Slate you can watch a clip of the time Fey and fellow Globes host Amy Poehler took on accusations against Cosby on Weekend Update in 2005.

As for Fey’s broader philosophy about the ceremony, she told Access Hollywood, “Amy and I have always said that the idea [is] that we don’t want anyone attending to be scared to be there because of us. It’s a party and it’s—in the grand scheme of the world, it couldn’t be less important and I think that’s what makes it fun.”