Matt Bomer
Credit: Bobby Bank/WireImage

Matt Bomer will play From Here to Eternity star Montgomery Clift in the HBO biopic Monty Clift. Ira Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias are rewriting the script. The duo wrote this summer’s acclaimed film Love Is Strange, which starred Alfred Molina and John Lithgow as a newly married gay couple.

Clift’s relationship with Elizabeth Taylor and his tragic demise at the age of 45 make for fertile material for a biopic. Clift was also gay, and Anne Helen Petersen wrote in her book Scandals of Classic Hollywood: “The revelation of his sexuality did not emerge until the 70s, when two high-profile biographers, one endorsed by his close confidants, revealed as much, rendering him a gay icon within the span of two years.”

Bomer, who is out, recently starred in HBO’s The Normal Heart, an adaptation of Larry Kramer’s play about the AIDS crisis.