By Jonathon Dornbush
January 07, 2015 at 09:25 PM EST
  • Video Games

The Internet Archive has created yet another video game database to guarantee procrastination for fans of classic games like Sim CityOregon Trail, and Prince of Persia.

Software curator Jason Scott has compiled almost 2,400 games on the Internet Archive that are all playable directly in a web browser. All of the games come from the MS-DOS operating system era of computers, so many of the classic games from the ’80s and ’90s are now available to play immediately — and for  free.

Games like The Oregon TrailDuke NukemStreet Fighter II, and thousands of other titles are included in the compilation. There is some overlap with titles featured in Scott’s previous major game collection on the Internet Archive, but this new library came as a result of a passion project for Scott.

“MS-DOS was always my main thing; I coveted the Apple II world, really got into the Amiga when it came out, danced among Ataris as I could, but for the vast majority of my ‘work’ or whatever a teenager’s activities count as, I did it on MS-DOS,” Scott explained on his blog.

He goes into further detail about his work in a series of posts, though it does help to have some knowledge of programming language and operating software from the last few decades to understand some of his observations.

Check out the full library of games and spend a few minutes revisiting old favorites or looking for undiscovered gems. And then lose a few hours to actually playing a huge swath of video game history.

  • Video Games