By Ariana Bacle
January 06, 2015 at 09:58 PM EST

Ten years after their last collaboration—2005’s Lord of War—Ethan Hawke and director Andrew Niccol are at it again for the upcoming Good Kill, a thriller that follows Major Thomas Egan (Hawke) as he deals with the new drone-centric style of warfare—and with his actions.

“[Niccol’s] made a bunch of sci-fi movies, and there’s something when you watch this movie, it almost feels like a science-fiction movie,” Hawke told EW in September. “Except it’s not. It’s exactly where we are. And it’s hard to believe.”

Hawke’s character, a former pilot accustomed to physical combat, is angry and frustratedsomething that’s not helping out his relationship with his wife, played by Mad Men‘s January Jones. So he takes to drinking and shutting out his wife.

“I feel a little bit like the movie’s part of a long line of the artistic community trying to talk about war and its effect on its citizens,” Hawke said, “whether it’s Red Badge of Courage or All Quiet on the Western Front or Platoon.

Good Kill is set to come out sometime this year.