By Miles Raymer
Updated January 06, 2015 at 04:34 PM EST

Elvis Perkins recorded his third LP in houses, hotel rooms, and a mobile home over the course of nearly two years—and the casual, relatively ramshackle approach has made more room for his eccentric side than his previous studio-bound efforts. His new single “Hogus Pogus,” for instance, recalls the whimsically psychedelic sensation of oddball folk-pop auteurs like Kevin Ayers, with a giddily off-kilter singsong melody and lyrics about a man who has a very literal change of heart and becomes what Perkins describes as a “better man” after receiving a transplanted ticker from a pig.

Perkins actually happens to know someone with a transplanted animal heart, or at least part of one: a guy named Arnaud Cornillon who has a cow’s aorta (and who conceptualized and painted the room where Perkins recorded his Gold Room Session.) For the “Hogus Pogus” video, he and director Ashley Connor interviewed Cornillon in the woods on 16mm film, and the results—a little bit impressionistic, a little bit surreal—accentuate the song’s comfortable, hand-crafted weirdness.