Bill Cosby
Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Three women who claim Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them have filed a defamation lawsuit against the star, who they say has publicly branded them as liars.

The lawsuit details each woman’s encounter with Cosby. All three alleged encounters occurred at separate points in the ’70s, and all three involved Cosby offering the women unidentified pills (two of the women took these pills) before he sexually assaulted them.

Each of these women has come forward in the past decade with these details, and Cosby has responded by telling the media the stories are false and never happened.

The lawsuit, filed Jan. 5 and obtained by EW, says that Cosby’s responses to these allegations caused the plaintiffs “damages by virtue of [their] loss of reputation, shame, mortification, hurt feelings, and/or damage to [their] property, business, trade, profession, and/or occupation.”

As a result, the three women are asking for damages. Their attorney, along with Cosby’s lawyer and publicist, could not be reached for comment.