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After debuting on the sci-fi scene with the impressive District 9 and its spiritual predecessor Alive in Joburg, director Neill Blomkamp seems to have been investing some time on one of film’s most influential science-fiction staples—even if he didn’t actually have a studio’s permission to start working on an Alien film.

The Chappie director posted a number of concept art pieces to his Instagram account on Thursday, the first being the above image of the Alien xenomorph with the description, “Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though.”

Blomkamp doesn’t elaborate on the pictures about whether this was an officially sanctioned project or simply work he was doing as a fan. A representative for Fox, however, confirmed that this was a project Blomkamp undertook on his own, as there is currently no deal in place between the studio and the director.

An unverified Twitter account seemingly linked to the Instagram account further substantiates that, claiming that Fox had no idea he was even working on this project.

Check out some of the concept art below, including Ripley wearing the Pilot Space Jockey helmet and designs for Weyland Corp., as well as more images that have appeared on Blomkamp’s Instagram today.

The last proper Alien film was released in 1997, and since, there have been a number of middling attempts to expand on one of the most revered sci-fi films of all time. The latest entry, Alien: Isolation, captured the original film’s atmosphere and translated it to a video game, but not without demonstrating some of the difficulties with continuing the beloved franchise.

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