Credit: Wesley Mann; Industrial Light & Magic for Fortune

After a spectacular action sequence in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, fans now have a first look at a ground-level perspective of the Millennium Falcon. And it’s all thanks to Disney’s Bob Iger and Fortune.

In a cover story on Walt Disney Co.’s CEO Bob Iger, Fortune has revealed an exclusive look at the famous Star Wars ship, with Iger standing casually near to the hunka junk.

Well, he’s not exactly that close. The photo of Iger was taken in New York, while the Falcon was photographed in Buckinghamshire, England, at Pinewood Studios, and the two were combined by the crew at Industrial Light and Magic. Still, it’s a detailed, if only partial, view of the iconic vehicle that shows how beautifully the film’s production crew has reconstructed it for the upcoming The Force Awakens.

Unfortunately, this view doesn’t show off the Falcon’s hidden Batmobile or reveal whether there are any other cinematic references built into the design.

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