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James Franco and Seth Rogen were a part of many Christmases this year: The Interview has made over $15 million in online rentals or sales, Sony announced.

The movie, in which Franco and Rogen play a television host and producer assigned to kill Kim Jong-un, was made available Christmas Eve on a variety of online platforms including YouTube and Google Play, costing $5.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy. According to Sony, the movie was rented or purchased more than two million times through Saturday.

Though at one point it seemed like a theatrical release of The Interview wasn’t to be, the movie also brought in $2.8 million over the four-day weekend from 331 theaters.

Franco, Rogen, and Rogen’s co-director Evan Goldberg live tweeted a viewing of the movie Sunday night.

The Interview is also now available on iTunes.

The Interview
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