Jay Wilds was a big part of Serial, the Sarah Koenig-hosted podcast that investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee–but the man who accused Adnan Syed of the murder refused to be interviewed for the show. Just over a week after Serial‘s finale, however, Wilds has come forward in a new interview with The Interceptto discuss the crime.

In the podcast, Koenig introduces Wilds to listeners as a weed dealer who told police after Lee’s murder that Syed–an acquaintance, someone Wilds had sold weed to before–was the culprit. But there were problems with Wilds’ story. Namely, it was inconsistent, something Wilds has an explanation for.

“I wasn’t openly willing to cooperate with the police,” Wilds said. “It wasn’t until they made it clear they weren’t interested in my ‘procurement’ of pot that I began to open up any.”

Wilds’ status as a weed dealer also played into why, he says, he helped Syed bury Lee. According to Wilds’ story, Syed killed Lee and later blackmailed Wilds into helping him get rid of the evidence.

“[Syed] said, ‘You’ve gotta help me, or I’m gonna tell the cops about you and the weed and all that sh–,'” Wilds said. “Because at the time I was convinced that I would be going to jail for a long time if he turned me in for drug dealing, especially to high school kids.”

Wilds also details what he and Syed did on the day of the murder, why he was so hesitant to speak to police, and his relationship with Syed. Read the first part of the interview (subsequent parts will be published later) over at The Intercept.