By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated December 25, 2014 at 04:00 PM EST
Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

In The Wedding Ringer, a dorky groom (Gad) hires a slick pro (Hart) to be his best man. It’s funny and awkward—just like this interview.

EW: In the movie, you two are strangers who have to go from zero to best friends in no time. Did you know each other before filming?

JOSH GAD: I didn’t even know of Kevin. I think we went to the same temple. We definitely got a crash course in pretending to be each other’s friend.

KEVIN HART: I can honestly say that he’s a friend now.

[Gad puts his hand on Hart’s.]

HART: Stop it. Don’t touch me.

Pretending to be someone’s friend must be useful in Hollywood.

GAD: Absolutely.

HART: You know who pretends? Dicks. So Josh, maybe you need to look in the mirror and just admit that this whole thing is false.

GAD: Have you ever had to fake a friendship, other than this one?

HART: No, but I’m around the same people all the time. I don’t want new people in my circle.

Did your respective circles ever form a Venn diagram?

GAD: You see, Kevin, a Venn diagram is when…

HART: What is he saying? Is he asking about Vin Diesel’s next picture? You know my head hurts when I think about things.

GAD: I met all your guys. The Venn diagram didn’t cross over into my friends, though. He didn’t even want introductions.

HART: Josh doesn’t have any friends. I’ve been waiting to meet people, and no one ever comes around. I remember one time Josh showed up and the door stayed open when he came in, and I thought, “Oh, he has some people with him.”

GAD: There was nobody.

Did you guys hang out during the shoot?

HART: I took Josh to a black nightclub and he enjoyed himself thoroughly. And I had him spend a thousand ones on exotic dancers.

GAD: Kevin taught me the art of wasting money as quickly as possible. I wanted to pocket the money and send my child to a good school.

I assume once I leave, you two are going to go into separate corners and not speak to each other.

GAD: That’s a valid assumption.

HART: We don’t like each other.

GAD: I’m going to be honest with you, Kevin and I went in on some real estate deals that went south, so it’s a little awkward right now. The two people you see over there are actually lawyers.

HART: That’d be amazing, if I got you into a Ponzi scheme. “Oh my God, Josh, this thing is a no-brainer. Look at me, look at my lifestyle. You think this comes from acting? It comes from selling toothbrushes.”

GAD: Kevin, what? I can’t go in on a toothbrush investment. That was my Olaf money. Now I’m broke. I’m going to be the guy on Hollywood Boulevard in the costume, doing Olaf by day, selling drugs by night, and it’s all because Kevin got me into this toothbrush Ponzi scheme.

You’ve got a carrot taped to your nose.

HART: Is that a real carrot?

GAD: [In Olaf’s voice] It’s called my nose, Kevin!

HART: If this movie doesn’t do well, that’s us in 10 years. He’s crazy Olaf and I’m doing Ride Along 8 without Cube.

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