By Teresa Jue
December 24, 2014 at 07:39 PM EST
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

Amy Adams has spoken to USA Today about her planned Today show interview, which was scheduled to take place Monday morning. The segment was intended to tout Adams’ starring role as artist Margaret Keane in Big Eyes—but Adams’ appearance was nixed by Today after Adams expressed discomfort with the show asking her about the recent Sony hack. Adams’ name was floated around after hacked e-mails revealed pay discrepancies in the film between Adams and co-star Jennifer Lawrence and their male American Hustle co-stars Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper.

“I expressed that I was uncomfortable. I said I would rather not add my voice to this conversation,” Adams told USA Today. “But it was clear they were drawing a hard line. That this would be part of the conversation.” Adams noted that despite her misgivings, “I was prepared for that [line of questioning], to whatever degree I was prepared.”

Even so, Adams said, “I was informed that they had decided to pull the interview. I was confused and definitely frustrated. I still don’t understand.”

The Today show released this statement yesterday about the yanked interview: “As a news program, the Today show doesn’t allow guests to dictate restrictions on interviews. In this case, after hours of discussion we felt uncomfortable with the demands being made and we determined the best course of action for all parties involved was to cancel the interview.”