By Emily Blake
Updated December 23, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST

Kanye West’s shouty and abrasive Yeezus screams a lot of things, but “Christmas” was never really one of them, until now.

Comedy trio Local Business Comedy have shared a new remix that reimagines Kanye’s hostile sixth studio album as a family-friendly Christmas offering. Okay, maybe “family friendly” isn’t the right word — it does, after all, open up with “F–k, man, it’s Christmas again.”

Album opener “On Sight” becomes “Long Night,” about Santa’s race against time on Christmas Eve. “Red Hat Head” keeps the grunts and howls of “Black Skinhead” but swaps out its lyrics for things like “So leave out the cookies, I’ll chug all the milk.” “I am a God” becomes “I am a Klaus”; “New Slaves” becomes “New Sleighs”… you get the picture. Take a listen below.