Iggy Azalea
Credit: Larry Marano/Getty Images

After receiving criticism and even threats from a group of hackers, Iggy Azalea has responded to her fellow rappers’ comments about her place in hip-hop. And she’s got the support of a few other artists to back her up.

Earlier today, Azalea tweeted out her thoughts about the criticism she received from Azealia Banks and a series of tweets Q-Tip sent her. Q-Tip wrote Azalea a stream of more than 30 messages asking her to understand hip-hop’s history and place in society before trying to find her own space in the genre.

Initially, the Grammy nominee began tweeting after thanking and Lupe Fiasco for showing their support for her. tweeted in support of Azalea, referencing Blondie’s impact on hip-hop in the ’80s.

In addition to the criticism Azalea received for what some artists and listeners call an appropriation of hip-hop and black culture, a group of hackers also threatened Azalea recently, saying that they would release an alleged sex tape of the artist unless she publicly apologized to Banks.

Azalea has not tweeted out an apology—and it seems, for the time being, she is not planning to say more on the matter.