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Given that ABC’s freshman drama Forever features an immortal male medical examiner (Ioan Gruffudd) working alongside a female detective (Alana de la Garza), it seems fair to assume that the duo will, at some point, explore a romantic relationship. After all, the show is very similar to both Castle and Bones, which employ the same will-they-won’t-they dynamic, and both of those couples eventually ended up hitched. What are the chances Forever will go the same route?

“Yes, at some point [it will be explored],” executive producer Matt Miller tells EW, stressing that the show will take its time. “The idea of the show was always designed around the notion of three characters that were, on some level, dealing with mortality—Henry, because he can’t die, Jo because she lost her husband at a young age and forced to confront that, and Abe, who is gazing into the twilight of his years. In terms of Jo and Henry, they’re both lost emotionally because they’re in love with ghosts. For Henry, it’s Abigail, for Jo, it’s her deceased husband. In episode 113, we very specifically dive into Jo and her dead husband. It’s really about two characters that are there to emotionally allow the other to evolve and grow.”

With that being said, Miller recognizes there is chemistry between the Henry and Jo. “What we’ve been trying to do with this show—with the flashbacks and mythology—is really distinguish it from a lot of those procedurals where they solve a crime each week, and it’s, ‘Are they going to kiss or aren’t they going to kiss?'” Miller says. “Nothing against those shows; this is just built a little bit differently. Whether Henry and Jo get together, or whether it’s an emotional connection, obviously it’s something that’s out there and something we will explore. Once you see them lean in for a kiss, it’s hard to pull back from that again. We want to wait until it feels organic for us and it feels like the right timing in terms of the stories that we want to tell for these characters.”

Forever returns Tuesday Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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