Air your grievances and prepare for your feats of strength–Festivus is in full swing, and the internet is making sure to properly celebrate the holiday that Seinfeld made popular.

A number of big names and websites are taking part in the Festivus fun, celebrating the holiday for the rest of us.

Seinfeld‘s own George Costanza, Jason Alexander, kicked off the Festivus celebration by tweeting out a message from the entire Costanza family.

But Alexander isn’t the only one acknowledging how Seinfeld turned Festivus into one of pop culture’s best made-up holidays. Tumblr‘s logo has gotten in the spirit of the holiday, and the website even has a Festivus mode that can be enabled today. The Seinfeld Tumblr is also adorned in Festivus decorations, asking followers to air their grievances with the #Festivus hashtag.

Rapper Wale is releasing a mixtape named Festivus today at 3:31 p.m. Wale has decked out his Twitter account in the style of Seinfeld‘s logo–though Wale’s love for Jerry and the gang is already well documented.

But, in true Festivus fashion, Pusha T, who is featured on the mixtape, voiced his displeasure with not being able to hear his verse on the mixtape before Wale releases it.

Wale, however, claims the Festivus feud is actually all in good fun, and that there’s no bad blood between the two—proving how healthy it can be to air those grievances.

In the most serious take on the holiday today, Senator Rand Paul also tweeted out that he’ll be airing his grievances as he did last year. But rather than starting up a fake Twitter feud with another senator over a new law that’s about to be dropped passed, he’s instead discussing his actual political concerns throughout the day.

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