By Teresa Jue
Updated December 22, 2014 at 11:32 PM EST

Fans of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs might have to wait a while for a new album.

Frontwoman Karen O, who recently released her own solo album, Crush Songs, told NME that the band has no plans of working on new material, and said, “We’re on a bit of hiatus at the moment, so nothing yet. We have to wait to get the urge, get that itch. The time needs to be right and we’re okay waiting for that, I think.”

Fans shouldn’t fret too much, since it’s only been a year since the band last released Mosquito in 2013. She noted that the album’s mixed reviews were not a deterrent in releasing new material saying, “It’s a pretty dangerous hole to fall down, reading your own reviews, so it’s not something I personally do. All you can do is try to make albums you can stand by and be proud of, that are a snapshot of where you were at the time. It won’t stop us, nothing like that.”