Though Sony is not releasing The Interview on Christmas, New York’s Treehouse Theater is bringing a version of The Interview to the stage two days later.

On Dec. 27, the Treehouse Theater is hosting a live reading of the screenplay for the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy, which Sony pulled from release after theaters declined to show the film following a threat from hackers. The FBI has now blamed North Korea for the hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“In the wake of recent events surrounding the controversial film The Interview, the feeling that a threat to free speech has been imposed is inescapable and terrifying,” the theater’s event listing reads. “In response to this, three comedians have acquired a draft of the script for the banned film and are producing a live-read at the Treehouse Theater.”

The script that the live read will be using is “close to the final version,” according to the listing, which said that the cast will feature performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade theater. The live read will be followed by a comedy benefit for Human Rights Watch titled “F— You Kim Jong Un!”

The Interview
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