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There are approximately 72 superhero movies coming out over the next 10 years, but the one thing audiences shouldn’t expect to see any time soon is a crossover between Marvel and DC’s cinematic universes.

So this awesome fan-made trailer will have to suffice for now.

Created by Alex Luthor, it combines footage from just about every DC and Marvel film, video game, and television show of the last few years to create one explosion-filled trailer.

Hawkeye going bow to bow with the Arrow. The Winter Soldier trying to shoot the Flash. Green Lantern unleashing a storm of lantern bullets down upon Captain America. Iron Man taking aim at Superman. Luthor’s match-ups employ plenty of smart cuts that make completely unrelated action sequences fit together quite nicely—which could also be seen as a sad commentary on how similar these films can be.

There’s little chance for a DC and Marvel crossover similar to what has happened in comics. Still, it looks like it would be a hell of a lot of fun.

Captain America
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