By Hillary Busis
Updated August 04, 2017 at 02:11 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

Sorry, Amy—but North Korea may have just hijacked your Saturday Night Live Christmas show.

Normally, SNL‘s last episode of the year is a merry occasion filled with starry cameos, seasonal good vibes, schweddy balls (if we’re lucky), and plenty of extra musical interludes—à la Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong’s sweet “Baby It’s Cold Outside” update, or Fallon and friends’ “I Wish It Was Christmas Today,” or “Do It on my Twin Bed” (which, yes, also features Fallon). Given Adams’ own sunny disposition and proven singing ability, we can certainly still count on seeing this sort of thing come tonight’s show.

But the cheer is likely to get overshadowed by the week’s biggest news story: the revelation that North Korea’s government ordered hackers to attack Sony Pictures Entertainment, and that the hacking—as well as threats made against theaters scheduled to show The Interview—led to Sony pulling the movie, perhaps indefinitely.

Given SNL‘s status as a comedy institution—not to mention one that welcomed Interview star James Franco just two weeks ago—we can expect to see lots of Sony/Interview/North Korea-inspired material. The big question: Will Bobby Moynihan reprise his role as Kim Jong-Un, a character he played as recently as October of this year? Or will SNL shy away from depicting the leader, fearing retaliation from the North Korean regime?

Adams also faces stiff spotlight competition from this week’s musical guests—the boys of One Direction, a cheeky bunch that have made the leap from the musical stage to sketch work before. They’re certain to have a big presence on the show, judging at least by Adams’ two promo reels; both videos are mostly composed of the five-time Best Actress bridesmaid talking about how much she loooooves 1D. Count on the group to show off its sense of humor in at least one sketch—and count on the band’s deafening army of fans to make the dialogue of that sketch tough to actually hear.

All that being said: Though Adams has hosted SNL only once before (way back in 2008; there was a whole bit about how similar she and then-cast member Kristen Wiig look), she’s more than capable of anchoring a strong show. Christmas episodes require heavy hitters comfortable with wearing several hats—previous emcees have included Martin Short and Jeff Bridges, as well as a whole lotta Fallon—and Adams certainly seems up to the task of joining their ranks. So long as she’s not totally lost in a One Direction/North Korea-iccane, at least.

What are you hoping to see from Adams, One Direction, and SNL tonight? How do you think the show will handle the Interview saga—and do you think it’d be a bad idea for the show to mock Kim Jong-un directly? And which old classic SNL holiday sketches (“Dick in a Box”! “The Chanukah Song,” which turned 20 years old this month!) would you like to see revived come 11:30?

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