By Teresa Jue
Updated December 19, 2014 at 03:57 PM EST

On the eighth day of Pottermore Christmas, the site gives a pretty dark moment in the series.

Friday’s riddle features the moment in which Harry Potter looks into Dumbledore’s pensieve to see the memory in which Tom Riddle is shown the Slytherin locket:

“In the pensieve Harry sees a gold and emerald locket,

which a young Tom Riddle sincerely wishes to pocket,

but which serpentine member of the Hogwarts founders four did the ornate necklace belong to in days of yore?”

The answer: “Salazar Slytherin.” The riddle unlocks an animated moment in which the rich, old witch, Hepzibah, shows Riddle the Slytherin locket, as well as the Hufflepuff golden goblet. According to the related passage, Hepzibah would end up dead two days later through poison by cocoa. Her house elf, Hokey, was framed, though Riddle is highly suspected to be the real culprit, since Riddle stole both items that would be used as Horcruxes later on as he becomes Voldemort.

Take a look at the grim moment over at Pottermore.